Frank Wallace playing a 1939 Hauser. Great sound. Here’s the description from the video.

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In my capacity as a dealer I’ve had the pleasure of getting to represent a fair number of Hauser I guitars. I never cease to be amazed at the quality of balance these guitars possess. Not just in the response across the fingerboard but the balance of qualities within the voice of the guitar. When I think of the “Hauser sound” that is the quality that I am thinking of as every one of his guitars I’ve had was unique and ranged from one end of the spectrum to the other in terms of the character of voice. But that aspect of balance remains a constant.

This particular Hauser is a Llobet model, based on the Torres owned by Miguel Llobet, studied by Hauser on a couple of occasions, including the famous meeting with Segovia where he examined Segovia’s Manuel Ramirez. It is somewhat lesser known that Hauser developed both his Segovia model and his Llobet model pretty much concurrently. And Hauser’s favorite guitars were his Llobet model instruments.

One very unique aspect to this 1939 Llobet is that it features a silver tornavoz. It is the only one I’ve handled and is a feature that is found on the Torres original. Albeit Hauser utilizes it differently than Torres did.

There’s not much to say about the sound that isn’t easily heard in Franks capable hands. What I will say is that the guitar is stunningly alive and responsive. It is a joy to play in every way and if I could, I’d keep this one for myself.

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Bach: BWV 997 – Ricardo Gallen

Timing, articulation, presentation — not boring.

Video filmed by Paco Montañés and José Hidalgo in the courtyard of Casa-Museo Palacete La Hilandera in Alcalá la Real, Jaén in July 2013. The instrument used is a copy of Fabricatore circa 1820 made by the Luthier Arnoldo García with old instruments-carbon strings by Savarez Alliance. Recording in one take, no editing.

Stradivarius Guitar

Antonio Stradivari (Stradivarius in Latin) is known mainly for the violins he made. But he also made a few guitars. The Stradivarius played here, called the Sabionari, is one of just a handful of Stradivarius guitars still in existence. It is the only Stradivarius guitar that is currently playable.