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I arranged this piece to provide fun single-string chromatic scales to practice. This intention is evident in the fingerings, which place many of the phrases on a single string rather than on two or more strings. It also explains why there are no chords in this arrangement.

While most guitarists will not be able to play this arrangement at a tempo normally associated with Flight of the Bumblebee (quarter-notes @ 150-180), it still sounds pretty good at slower speeds if played with sufficient conviction and personality.

I like to play this piece primarily with alternating m-i rest strokes and very few slurs. However, you can play it with whatever fingerings and articulations you like. The given fingerings are not presented as ideal solutions; rather, they are offered as a starting point.

This arrangement is also available in as sheet music in PDF format. If you want to see how the PDF version looks, here is the first page of the PDF sheet music: bb1.pdf.

This sheet music is temporarily unavailable while I am updating the site. (Jul 1, 2019.)