All pieces sequenced by me, John Chiu, on PC, based on my own opinion of this music.The last piece I put a melody on #4 of Op.60, hope you like it!

Study No.1
Study No.2
Study No.3
Study No.4
Study No.5
Study No.6
Study No.7
Study No.8
Study No.9
Study No.10
Study No.11
Study No.12
Study No.13
Study No.14
Study No.15
Study No.16
Study No.17
Study No.18
Study No.19
Study No.20
Study No.21
Study No.22
Study No.23
Study No.24
Study No.25
Study No.4 w/ melody

John Chiu (Chiu Chun-Hsien). Born 1950/01/02. Practicing architect in Taipei, Taiwan. Amateur classic guitarist. Former conductor of Taipei Guitar Ensemble (TGE). Member of Taipei Guitar Chamber (TGC). These MIDIs are presented here on by permission of Mr. Chiu.