Classical Guitar, Gut Strings, and a Tornavoz

According to luthier Michael Thames, this is the beautiful sound that Tarrega would have heard. The player is Gary Stewart, the composer is Isaac Albeniz, the piece is Cuba, the arranger is Stanley Yates, the guitar maker is Micheal Thames. The guitar is Thames’s “Torres style.”

Recuerdos at the Alhambra

It’s Samantha Muir at the Alhambra again, this time playing The Piece. She plays with great clarity, simplicity (the best kind), and respect. Thank you, Samantha. This is a keeper.

Says Samantha:

Tarrega’s musical tribute to the Alhambra Palace in Granada played by me, Samantha Muir. A recent trip to Granada provided the perfect opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream and play Recuerdos de la Alhambra in the Alhambra! I didn’t quite make it into the famous Courtyard of the Lions (the Lions are actually on holidays at the moment being restored) but the following is a postcard of my musical wanderings…. we begin in the beautiful gardens with the Generalife in the background…. then into the Chapel sitting on the tomb of Isabella and Ferdinand…. and then into a typical courtyard accompanied by a fountain (and 2 squirrels playing in the tree above my head!)…. returning to the garden briefly before finishing with the tinkling waters of one of the many fountains which so inspired Tarrega. The sound of the video is inconsistent and the quality poor but I hope it captures what for me was a magical experience. Sometimes dreams really do come true….

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