vivdmaj1.mid – First Mvt.
vivdmaj2.mid – Second Mvt.
vivdmaj3.mid – Third Mvt.

The midi files are in four tracks: Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, and Bass. The guitar/lute part is not included. Ideally, these files will be read into a program which can play them at varied tempos for practicing the concerto.

I created the files using the program “Recording Studio” by Midisoft on a 486SX PC with a Proaudio Soundcard and a Casio keyboard. I don’t know much about midi, and this concerto was my first midi project. I include some dynamic variation as per the score (I don’t know if the dynamic markings are from the original or were added by the arranger), but no tempo variation within each movement.

Because the soloist is required to play right from beat one in movement two, I added a leading measure of four quarter notes at the start to establish the tempo. Measures one and three open with the orchestra alone (though this varies in some arrangements), so I did not think a warm-up measure was needed for these.

Anybody finding errors are having requests for these midi arrangements is welcome to send me comments, to which I will respond as time permits (and my free time is about zero these days).

My main request to those using these arrangements is: Have fun!

Larry Broda