Stradivarius Guitar

Antonio Stradivari (Stradivarius in Latin) is known mainly for the violins he made. But he also made a few guitars. The Stradivarius played here, called the Sabionari, is one of just a handful of Stradivarius guitars still in existence. It is the only Stradivarius guitar that is currently playable.

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  1. Tom Farr @ My First Axe

    This is really cool. I didn’t realize he made guitars. I remember learning about him in college. Great piece of history.

  2. Richard Smallfield

    Fabulous! So does this make the common understanding that guitars don’t age well, as violins do, into a myth? This guitar sounds great at 335 years old.

  3. Paul Yacobellis

    I had no idea that Stradivari made any guitars at all. It’s amazing that this one survived….and is still playable….wow!

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