Daniel Friederich, Luthier

A nice story on Friederich in Orfeo magazine, this time in English. Great photos.

Here’s Kyuhee Park playing the third movement from Brouwer’s Sonata on a Friederich guitar

And Roberto Aussel playing, with fantastic intensity, Yupanqui’s Melodia del Adios on another Friederich:

Tobias Braun, Luthier

Wooden Soul from Carlo Hofmann on Vimeo.

A look at the work of the Austrian luthier Tobias Braun. Filmed May 2013, Austria.

Nathan Kolosko, Yangisse Jarabi
Miroslav Loncar, Who is Eve?
Carlo Domeniconi, Reflecting Waters
End-Title: Marie Hines, Long Way to Letting Go

Thanks to Portland luthier Gregory R. Miller for bringing this video to my attention.

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Legendary Guitar Heroes

No, not those heroes, THESE heroes:

Wendelin Tieffenbrucker
David Tecchler
Matteo Sellas
Giacomo (Jacob) Ertel
Antonio Stradivari
Gennaro Fabricatore
Nicòla Turturro
Mario Maccaferri
John D’Angelico
James D’Aquisto

…and others. These are some of the guitar makers featured in Guitar Heroes: Legendary Craftsmen from Italy to New York, on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art website, www.metmuseum.org.

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A Beautiful Guitar

These are pictures of a new guitar made by luthier Jeffrey Elliott for Portland guitarist David Bertman, who says they worked together on the design over a long period of time.

Maple guitar front Maple Guitar Back

Top: European Spruce
Back and sides: European Maple
Rosette and headstock veneer: Amboyna Burl
Bindings: Bloodwood

Amboya rosette

Amboyna Headstock Maple Guitar Bottom

I got to play this guitar a few days ago and I loved it — the way it sounds, the way it feels, and the way it looks. Jeff has kindly allowed me to post a few pictures here to remember it by.

Maple Guitar Heel
Amboyna inlay

Three pictures of the interior taken through the guitar’s soundport.

Guitar interior 1

Guitar interior 2

Guitar interior 3

Light shines through the beautifully translucent back of the guitar, seen through the sound hole.

Translucent maple

The soundport, shown with and without its amboyna burl cover.

Guitar sound port plug

Guitar sound port

Guitar sound port kit

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Classical Guitar, Gut Strings, and a Tornavoz

According to luthier Michael Thames, this is the beautiful sound that Tarrega would have heard. The player is Gary Stewart, the composer is Isaac Albeniz, the piece is Cuba, the arranger is Stanley Yates, the guitar maker is Micheal Thames. The guitar is Thames’s “Torres style.”

More Jose Romanillos

A great piece of film on the luthier Jose Romanillos.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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