Carles Trepat

Once you’ve played this way, or once you’ve felt the meaningful touch of guitar played this way, even something very simple, everything changes.

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  1. Goncalo Crespo

    I’ve been lately changing my focus to more acoustic guitar oriented music and this was undoubtedly inspirational! Thank you very much for sharing, I’m off to to learn a bit more about his music.

  2. Ara k

    Carles Trepat is not just a great musician he is a Story teller . Every note that he plays has a meaning !

  3. Robert St. Cyr

    Carlos, we met in Siguenza when I was part of a class given by Jose Romanillos. Although you probably don’t recall, science I was 1 of 20, I was there in 2003 and again in 2006. I am looking at trying to make some replicas of some early guitars. I would love to hear your insights into these early instruments. I of course have many of the resources available on the technical information, but I’m interested in hearing about the nature of the instrument, it’s spirit. There are few players who have the experience with these instruments, to relate.this experience.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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