Carles Trepat Concert on an 1892 Torres Guitar

Carles Trepat is a Spanish Catalan classical guitarist. He was born in Lérida, Spain, in 1960. He usually plays with historical guitars. This concert was played on his 1892 Antonio Torres guitar (SE 153), using gut and silk strings. (In fact, Torres didn’t finish building this guitar. According to Romanillos, this guitar was completed by Miguel Moya when Torres fell ill.)


Andante largo, Op.5, No.5

MIGUEL GARCÍA (Padre Basilio)
Minueto (07:02)
Sonata de Elami (09:17)

J. S. BACH (Trans. Llobet)
Sarabande (14:50)
Bourrée (18:49)

Bolero (23:05)
Soleá (26:00)

Capricho catalán (32:50)

La maja de Goya (36:43)
El mirar de la maja (42:22)

Dos zambras La Salvadora (46:10)
Y sin embargo te quiero (49:44)

Los piconeros (Bulerías del siglo XVIII) (53:34)

Amar y vivir (58:12)

Americana (1:03:05)

El cant dels ocells (1:07:17)

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  1. Brent Benfield

    Enjoyed youtube concert on the SE153 1892 Torres.
    Have read the Romanillos Book many times. Gleaned that bit of information of building details to make 3 or 4 classical Guitars over the last ~ 10 years.
    About .100 thousands,2.5mm, thick in the upper bout and down to include the rosette area and extending to include the saddleblock and tieblock areas and to just below towards the tailblock. Then the top is planed to be about 1.4mm , .055 by the whole perimeter of the lower bout; extremely fragile.
    The smallish 7 fan braces, 3mm tall X 7mm wide and straight, are then pressed down into his Solera and along with the top and this glues the fan braces and closing vee causing doming – with the bridge bottom being part of shaping the top dome. Sorry, I am running on about something that I love.
    Have made Guitars by this method, as much as I understand it, and they do have something really special. Have not tried to include a tornovaz yet.
    Over 100 years aging of the timbers would have a bit to do with why this mans Guitars sound so remarkable. Though when he first began building, what he did changed ‘the old way’ within just several years. His mind and hands are a blessing for us all.
    Again, thanks for this concert I was able to hear on youtube.
    Keep up the good work, Brent

  2. Philip Leeden

    Is it possible to purchase the music performed by Charles Trepat.. specifically the following
    Manuel Lopez-Quieroga.
    Dos Zambia’s la Salvador’s etc. also
    Juan Mostazo : Los piconeros ( Bulerias del siglo XV111 ). I would greatly appreciate an answer

  3. admin

    I’m sorry, I do not know.

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