Jose Romanillos on Torres Guitars: How Did They Sound?

Jose Romanillos says the sound of the old Torres guitars today doesn’t approach what people heard 150 years ago.

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  1. What a fantastic archive. Jose Romanillos is a cultural treasure of our time. He is a fine artist with a soul even grander. He shares his heart’s richness with such ease and charm. A calm inspiration.

  2. Very inspirational for me as an aspiring guitar maker. There are many different makers doing many different things these days, and one has to appreciate the fine guitars that are still being made that follow the Torres tradition.

  3. A must for aspiring guitar makers. The depth of study undertaken by the master is most evident. What he didn’t mention was the use of gut strings and their effect on the sound. They must have been quite different to the strings of today.
    All of the Jose Romanillos videos are a treasure trove of insights into the art.

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