Peo Kindgren, Weiss, 7-String Baritone Guitar

Per-Olov Kindgren is the classical guitar star of YouTube. Here’s a good example of why he is so popular!

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  1. JPD

    Beautiful. But I have a question: How is this guitar being supported in this performance? I don’t see a strap or a guitar frame, and the guitar doesn’t seem to be resting on either leg. Yet, the guitar moves with the body — but the body moves freely behind the guitar! This is a little mysterious.

  2. Milton

    That’s some beautiful playing. His tonal palette is impressive as is his ability to clearly separate each voice, often giving each one its own dynamics and articulation (something that isn’t easy on guitar).

  3. How To Guitar Tune

    I tried to play a Baritone guitar once and didn’t know what the heck to do with the new string. I felt very much like a dope. haha

    This is a great video however. It’s a bit mysterious how the guitar is suspended like JPD said. haha

  4. Barrance Bolchowski

    I’ve found out why this mans guitar is suspended.
    He works for the illuminati.
    His guitar levitates with secret mysterious illuminati powers.

  5. Les Paul

    The guitar has such a deep, rich tone. It sounds spectacular!

  6. John P

    The guitar is resting on a table which has the effect of enhancing the sound, especially for recording.

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