Marek Pasieczny: Little Sonata

Composed and performed by Marek Pasieczny.

“After many years of composing highly advanced pieces both technically and musically demanding, I felt the need to write something considerably simpler in form and language. This composition was bent on the idea of creating something not only for professional guitarists, but also for those still studying at secondary school level.”

“Little Sonata (titled inspired by Paul Hindemith’s “Kleine Sonate” for cello and piano) is an easy four-movement short composition, leaning on the form of the sonata and kept in the tonal post-classical and neo-romantic language. It was inspired by the cycle for solo piano Impromptus Op . 9 by Franz Schubert.

“Written entirely on the piano and later ‘adapted’ for the guitar — it explains the highly pianistic chordal structures and harmonies that dictate the structure of the whole work. It was nevertheless composed with simplicity and ease for the guitar in mind.” –Marek Pasieczny

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  1. Dan

    AMAZING! Do you know his AMERICAN SUITE or SATO NO AKI pieces? I think he is the best living composer writing for guitar (among stars like Dyens, Domeniconi). Is that piece published? Do you know Pasieczny personally?

  2. Rod

    I have just learned this Sonata, and it is lovely! Exciting, and fresh, and my students love the sound, texture, and power of the piece. It is less technically demanding than some of his other pieces (Homage to Aleksander Tansman, e.g.) and certainly a delight to play.

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