Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah

The guitarist is Samantha Muir. She’s on the grounds of the Alhambra in Spain, sitting on the tomb of Isabella and Ferdinand, and playing Cohen’s Hallelujah.

I just had to tell someone. 🙂

As Samantha’s tells it:

Last weekend I went with some friends to Granada to see Leonard Cohen in concert. We were staying in the Parador Hotel which is in the grounds of the Alhambra Palace. Of course, I took my guitar, plus Jorge Nolla’s lovely arrangement of Mr Leonard’s Hallelujah which Jorge had recently sent me. I thought I might get a few moments to learn it… I certainly hadn’t anticipated making this video but since the Parador very kindly allowed me to play in the chapel – I’m actually sitting on the tomb of Isabella and Ferdinand – I thought it would be nice to share this unique experience with my YT friends. Sorry about the poor sound quality but it’s taken on my camera. A storm was moving in and the trees behind where I’m sitting were restless…..at least, I think it was the trees.

Mr Leonard’s concert was awesome thanks to his genius and the genius of the musicians who accompany him. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Something which is hard to put into words so I offer you this small gesture… Wishing you all peace and happiness and sunshine.

Sheet music and tabs are very kindly made available from Jorge Nolla.

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  1. mari carmen

    Isabel and Ferdinanad are not at the Alhambra, they are in the cathedral, but nice video.

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