Julian Bream Interview, September 2013

This time with The Guardian.

Julian Bream


“There’s nothing sad about not playing any more. The thing I feel a little annoyed about is that I know I’m a better musician than I was at 70, but I can’t prove it.”

“I became much more critical in the last decade, of phrasing and tempo and general musical interpretation.”

“I devoted my life to music for a reason, and the reason wasn’t because I wanted to get on or make money, but to try to fulfil myself and also to give people pleasure. That’s been my credo.”

“The last 10 years of my life, from 70 to 80, have been the most interesting because I have only done what I wanted to do. I have cut away what I call the excess stuff in my life. I’m quite reflective – I listen to music, I read, I walk with Django.”

“I’ve had a lovely life. I’ve had a great life. Letting go, yes, but in a controlled way. Now it’s time to let go, to enjoy what’s left.”

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  1. Edwin Kohl

    Fantastic interview, but still makes me sad that he can’t play anymore, even if it doesn’t bother him.

  2. J&P

    Julian Bream’s music brings so much enjoyment to people and is timeless

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