Berta Rojas plays Agustín Barrios

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If there’s a more beautiful classical guitar video on YouTube, I haven’t seen it. The music is Julia Florida by Agustín Barrios. The guitarist is Berta Rojas. She is from Paraguay. So was Barrios (1885-1944). And so are the people in this video.

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  1. alexander

    This video is really beautiful. I’m very much a Barrios fan and a guitarist myself. After watching this video this song is definitely the next one on my repertoire.

    Not all guitarists can capture the intimate moods of Barrios his music and play it.
    I’ve watched almost all video on Barrios on youtube and I think I really like only one. His name is Carlo Marchione. The video’s are old so the quality is not really good. But I think his video’s are worth listening to.

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