Granados: Oriental – Arranged for Guitar and Cello

Ariana Burstein, ‘cello, and Roberto Legnani, guitar, perform the Danza Espagnola No.2, opus 37 – “Oriental.” Originally for piano solo by the great Spanish composer Enrique Granados, this piece is very popular with guitarists as a guitar duet. Bream & Williams and Presti & Lagoya, for example, recorded beautiful versions of it.

It is also sometimes heard arranged for guitar solo. It’s on the new recording by Milos Karadaglic, Mediterraneo.

(And contrary to the publicity materials for this recording, it is not the “first time ever” that it has been arranged for solo guitar. Denian Arcoleo does a beautiful job of it, as you will see and hear in the second video. Another fine arrangement exists by Jose Luis Gonzalez.)

But this is the first time I’ve heard it for guitar and ‘cello.

Well, I can’t resist. I have to add one more. Here it is by this wonderful couple, Evangelos and Liza, about whom Segovia said:

“Since fate cruelly deprived us of Presti and Lagoya, I no longer had the pleasure of listening to any comparable duet. But lately, when the talented Greek guitarists Evangelos and Liza played for me, I felt total satisfaction and enjoyment. They have rhythm, good taste, emotion and technique. They work together with loyalty to the music and vital dedication. I cordially wish Evangelos and Liza to conquer the high estimation of the public as they have conquered mine.”

New Tricks

Tom Poore, a 54-year-old classical guitar teacher (and editor of Aaron Shearer’s best-selling guitar method Learning the Classic Guitar, which I recommend to all), has an interesting project going on. He wants to improve his right-hand technique. He has a plan for doing it systematically and he’s inviting everyone to observe his progress and to make comments. He posts an update every week on his new blog, Building A Better Right Hand.

On the Cutting Edge of Online Classical Guitar

Christopher Davis is the guy behind the Classical Guitar Blog. Each time I check his blog I see that he keeps getting farther out in front in the online classical guitar world. He’s pioneering all over Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, and I don’t know what else, with Skype interviews, lectures, guitar videos, podcasts, online guitar lessons…. it’s impressive. When I want to see the state of the art for a classical guitarist building an online business presence, I check his site.

Nice going, Chris!

Starobin, Vieaux to Head New Guitar Dept. at Curtis

Two superb American guitarists, David Starobin and Jason Vieaux, will be heading up the new classical guitar program at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. Says Mr. Starobin:

“The inauguration of the Curtis Institute’s guitar program is a milestone in the instrument’s history. With its inclusion at Curtis, arguably the world’s finest music conservatory, the guitar and its repertoire continue their steady ascent toward equal standing among the instruments and music of the great classical tradition. I am honored to join my colleague Jason Vieaux at this important moment in the guitar’s development.”

Good news!

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