Alan Miceli: Errington Way

Alan Miceli is an acoustic guitarist, performer, composer, and recording artist. He received his training at the Toronto Conservatory of Music, under Norbert Kraft. He has recored three albums to date: The Spaces Between, Errington Way, and Imprints.

His music has aired on CBC’s North by Northwest, Disc Drive, and Fresh Air and Echoes in the USA. Alan lives in Nanaimo BC with his wife and two cats Wallace and Finnegan.

Alan has provided with the TAB to Errington Way and it is published here (free!) with his permission. (Click on the TAB image below to download a high-quality PDF of the TAB.)

Also, Alan will give a free lesson on playing Errington Way to the first three guitarists who respond.

Thank you, Alan!

6) D
5) A
4) D
3) E
2) A
1) D

Errington Way TAB

Errington Way is available from CDBaby, too:

Alan Miceli: Errington Way
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4 Responses to Alan Miceli: Errington Way

  1. Josh says:

    Great piece. Can you include the tuning please? Thanks

  2. Ben Cook says:

    This song sounds great and you’re clearly a highly competent musician, but I’m curious about one thing. Why did you choose to publish the tab without the rhythm?

  3. Alan Miceli says:

    Listen to the recording, while working with the tabs. The only difference is the recording was done one step above standard tuning.

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