Old Gals, Too

Here’s my favorite old-timer on YouTube. Her name is Lorna Jack. I found her while I was participating in an online stock market forum, of all things. Somehow the topic veered onto music and one of the participants mentioned that his 84-year-old mother was on YouTube playing piano. I checked it out, not expecting much, and found something very beautiful:

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  1. This was extraordinarily beautiful. Clearly indicative of a well-trained pianist from the old school. I’d like to know you she studied with.

    It was also eerily reminiscent of the experience I had of my first piano teacher – Fay Racca, (1890-1967) and student of Rafael Joseffy (who studied with Liszt – when she played Chopin’s Nocturne in F Sharp, Op. 15 #2 late in life: simple, graceful, understated elegance.

    Thank you for this . . .

    Richard White

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