Stand By Me – Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman gives a beautiful performance of Ben E. King’s 1961 classic, Stand By Me. The lyrics and her voice go right to the heart, and her guitar accompaniment shines with beautiful simplicity.

Dallton Santos

I opened an email a few minutes ago, from Dalton Santos, asking me to take a look at this video. I’ve never heard of Dalton before. All I know is what I see in this video, and that he’s from Brazil, and that he wrote me a nice email.

I get lots of requests from players I’ve never heard of, asking me to post their videos. I generally decline, especially the non-classical stuff. Usually the visual quality of the video just isn’t very good, even though the playing might be great. Or the audio quality isn’t very good, or the music isn’t very good. Or something. You get the idea. I generally like a video to have the whole package: good production values, music that interests me, and a certain measure of emotion that comes across.

In this case, even though rock isn’t my usual cup of tea, everything is there: the visuals, the sound, the skill, and a nice positive creative energy. I think it’s a pretty neat video and I’m happy to post it.

Bom trabalho, Dallton!

Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Chile on the Gayageum

If this doesn’t bring a smile, you might as well call the whole thing off.. 🙂

Thanks to luthier Greg Miller for bringing Luna Lee to my attention.

Per Wikipedia: The gayageum or kayagum is a traditional Korean zither-like string instrument, with 12 strings, although more recently variants have been constructed with 21 or other numbers of strings. It is probably the best known traditional Korean musical instrument. It is related to other Asian instruments, including the Chinese guzheng, the Japanese koto, the Mongolian yatga, and the Vietnamese đàn tranh.

A musician playing a 12-string sanjo gayageum

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