Stephanie Jackson

We could use a few more pieces and players like this. If only I were king….

Edit, Jan 8: I’ve listened to this many times since I posted it a few days ago and it doesn’t get old. This could be a hit. I think Stephanie should try to get Sungha Jung to cover it! This piece could go a long way.

Sor on Gut Strings

Rob MacKillop here is playing Sor on gut strings, with no nails, on a Panormo (copy) guitar, with the guitar resting on a table in front of him. Rob says:

These pages will document my attempt to perform the music of Fernando Sor with the techniques and interpretive practices outlined in his musical scores and tutors.”

Beautifully done!

Sor Op31 No18 Lesson in Bm from Rob MacKillop on Vimeo.


Sor Op31 No18 Lesson in Bm from Rob MacKillop on Vimeo.

Old Gals, Too

Here’s my favorite old-timer on YouTube. Her name is Lorna Jack. I found her while I was participating in an online stock market forum, of all things. Somehow the topic veered onto music and one of the participants mentioned that his 84-year-old mother was on YouTube playing piano. I checked it out, not expecting much, and found something beautiful:

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