Europa on Uke – Brittni Paiva

Beautiful solo playing.

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Hilary Field: Donzella

Guitarist Hilary Field plays her own composition, Donzella: Fantasia on a Sephardic Lullaby.

It is based on the Ladino song Durme Hermosa Donzella (Sleep Beautiful Maiden) and inspired by these lyrics: “Listen, feel the sound of my guitar. Listen, my beautiful, to the song of my sorrows.”

It is a piece from her new CD, Premieres, which features all new, previously unrecorded pieces as well as music composed for Ms. Field. More info is on her web page:

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Corelli: Sonata Op.2, No.7
 Xavier Garcia

Xavier arranged this, played all the instruments, and recorded and edited it himself. Bravo!

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That’s Alright Mama – Emil Ernebro

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Classical Guitar Helping Kids in Trouble

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