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The Silence Before Bach

A great favorite with guitarists, this piece. Nice to get a new perspective once in awhile.

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Leo Brouwer: Un Dia de Noviembre – Tatyana Ryzhkova

Now this is a guitar video….

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Busking in Portland

I happened to have a camera with me in Portland the other day and I heard some music coming from Pioneer Square. His name is Andrew Gorny. He said it was ok to record and post his performance on YouTube. … Continue reading

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Renata Tarragó

I think it was 1968, in the Santa Monica Public Library, that I first heard Renata Tarragó play. I was all of 14, sitting at a table with earphones on, listening intently. It was something I did often in those … Continue reading

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Nikita Koshkin: Prelude and Fugue in B minor – Asya Selyutina

Koshkin’s cycle of preludes and fugues continues to emerge…

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