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Dan Koentopp, Luthier

KOENTOPP from Caleb Vinson on Vimeo.

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Flamenco Dancing Priest

Father Pepe, a Roman Catholic flamenco-dancing priest in Campanilla, Spain, feeling the spirit.

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Django Reinhardt: Minor Swing – World’s Best-Dressed Guitarist

Marcus Strand, the world’s best-dressed guitarist, performs Django Reinhardt’s Minor Swing on classical guitar.

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TED Talk: Classical Music

Guitarists, musicians in general, everyone, we all love a good story. Conductor Benjamin Zander:

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Dallton Santos

I opened an email a few minutes ago, from Dalton Santos, asking me to take a look at this video. I’ve never heard of Dalton before. All I know is what I see in this video, and that he’s from … Continue reading

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