One thought on “Gaspar Sanz: Espanoletas – Rob MacKillop, Baroque Guitar

  1. good day to you sir.
    i came across your video of gaspar sanz -after i began studiing the espagnoleta- and at first i was a little uncomfortable with the actual notes on the paper, but after i heared how you “unfold” the music i became inspired. i remembered some reference made to the tecnique of ornamentation and improvisation but i did not study any particular method and most guitar teachers are un-familiar with the matter. so i wanted to thank you for this inspiring recording and i will keep your approach in mind. It is a pitty that this beautifull baroque guitar is somewhat beyond my budget because it sounds magically, the guitar is more (too) “dry”. i have been searching for a sort of classical guitar with double strings instead, but -nope- also ….
    anyway : please go on with the good work, bless you !!
    greetings from abdel nadal uceda (netherlands)

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